Early Intervention Services

Early intervention provides coordinate services to parents of young children with disabilities.  The goal of Early Intervention services is to help families stimulate development in communication skills, motor development, early learning skills, and social-emotional development for children with developmental delays.  Early Intervention provides quality services proven effective in helping children achieve developmental milestones.

Early intervention services take place through visits to the child’s natural environment, which is often his or her home. Each child’s team consists of the child’s parent, a service coordinator, developmental specialist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and or physical therapist, one of whom is chosen by the team to be their primary contact or Primary Service Provider.

To get started or for more information about Early Intervention services please contact the EI intake at 1-800-755-4769 or
Ohio Department of Health “Help Me Grow™” Referral for Services.
You may also contact Preble County Board 937-456-5891.

Ages Birth-2

Children from birth through age 2 with a diagnosed disability, a condition with a high probability of resulting in a delay, or who demonstrate a delay in at least one area of development may be eligible for Early Intervention services. Our team of professionals will help build your family’s capacity to care for your child and promote his/her growth and development in natural environments.

Ages 3-5

Children ages 3 to 5 must have documentation of at least two developmental delays to be eligible for our services.  Children in this age group are transitioning to school-age and your local school district becomes the main provider for your child.  If the eligibility criteria is met, children are assigned a Service & Support Administrator (SSA) who will assist you in planning for and finding resources to aid your child, as well as support you in navigating the education system.