Ages 22 and older

Being as independent as possible, while ensuring you have appropriate care and support, is vital to living a happy life. Our SSAs will work with you to identify your needs, set goals and help you obtain services in our community.  We work with people in all stages of life. There are many options for adults with developmental disabilities that will help them reach their goals, enjoy daily activities, and be included in their community. Adult day services are provided by a wide network of quality providers within Preble County, funded by local dollars and Medicaid funds.  The goals and supports needed are part of the each person’s Person Centered Planning process.

Through community partnerships, people in many of the provider-supported services are able to also volunteer with local non-profit agencies in our community.

Everyone has the right to choose employment services first. Each person must have a spot on the path to employment identified as part of their Person Centered Planning process.  There are four spots on the Path:

    1. I have a job and would like a better one or to move up.
    • It is a wonderful thing to love your job. Many people love their past and early jobs, but as they grow and learned new skills, they also outgrow those past jobs. Wanting to move up in your career or to find a job with better pay and benefits is a good thing. Over time we can become bored with the same job responsibilities, sometimes something new and challenging is due. This spot on the Path to Employment recognizes that just because someone has a job, that doesn’t mean they might not want to try something new. Someone working for years in a kitchen might love their job. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be supported and encouraged to follow their dream of working on cars doing oil changes.
    2. I want a job! I need help to find one.
    • Who doesn’t need help when finding employment? This spot on the path applies to any job seeker. But number two also applies to those who are interested in work, but might not know the type of or where they want to work. If you are on spot two of the path to employment you might want to talk to your SSA about making a referral to Opportunity for Ohioans with Disability (OOD). This agency can help you figure out what kind of work you are interested in. With the help of OOD and selection of a provider a job seeker is supported during their job search.
    • When looking for employment, it’s important to remember there are many steps you can take on your own. Local agencies such as Ohio Means Jobs are available to anyone in Preble County to assist in employment needs.
    3. I’m not sure about work. I need help to learn more
    4. I don’t think I want to work, but I may not know enough about it.

When looking over the Path to Employment, it is important to remember this is for working age people (starting at age 14 through retirement). If you are retired you might not fall on the Path, unless of course you want to work.

Each person is supported to be able to be part of their communities by participating in community events, by volunteering or working at one of the many businesses in Preble County.