Service & Supports

The Preble County Board of DD offers an array of services and supports for eligible individuals and their families. Please check the different areas listed on this web site or contact us at (937) 456-5891 for specific questions.

We ensure persons served are healthy and safe by continuously identifying changes, needs of persons, and modifying plans to meet their needs. We routinely evaluate how effective are service plans are meeting needs and adjust them as needed to offer continual family support throughout the persons life span. 

SSA Services

A service and support administrator (SSA) is assigned to each individual receiving services. The SSA serves as the primary point of contact for the individual.  The SSA department determines eligibility for county board services and provides advocacy, coordination and monitoring of services.

There are SSA's for both children and adults eligible for county board services.  The SSA's for adults are responsible for the comprehensive assessment of individuals through person centered planning and are responsible for the development and monitoring of individual service plans.  They will assist the individual, their families and guardians with understanding the choices and options available to them when selecting an adult day and/or residential service provider.  The SSA's for adults will also assist in maintaining benefits and linking individuals to any other needed services.

The SSA for school age children (ages 6-14) assists many families with acquiring adaptive and assistive equipment, as well as, linkage to medical and other service needs.  The SSA for children can also attend Individual Educational Planning (IEP) meetings to advocate and support the family through their school experience.

The SSA for transitional children (ages 14-21) assists the person and their families to prepare and empower the person served to choose benefits and supports appropriate for adults. The SSA helps the individual develop skills for self-determined decision making and gaining independence by creating smooth transition into adulthood by teaming with teachers and children's service providers to begin the path to employment. 

The Preble County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports the right for all individuals to participate in their community to the fullest extent possible.  All persons eligible for services are presumed to have the capacity to work in the community.  Living, working, and participating in the community should be the first option for people with developmental disabilities.

The SSA Department is on-call 24 hours a day through an emergency telephone number.  Call the main administrative number for instructions on how to reach an SSA after hours and on weekends.  For more information contact the Service and Support Administrative (SSA) offices at (937) 456-5891.



The investigative agent conducts reviews and reports abuse, neglect or major unusual incidents involving persons with developmental disabilities. This office also monitors responses to incidents. The investigative agent works with local law enforcement officials to support investigations and prosecution of individuals where suspected cases of abuse and/or neglect of people with developmental disabilities occur. The office also works closely with Preble County Children Services regarding allegations of abuse and/or neglect of children up to the age of 21.

To report an incident, contact the investigative agent at (937) 456-5891, or after regular business hours, contact the emergency pager at (937) 733-1616.