Early Intervention Services

We believe that Early Intervention (EI) programming should provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the development of children. We further believe that play is the work of children. Young children learn best when given the opportunities to select activities that encourage interactive play within a parent-coaching mode. Therefore, play is used as a method for accomplishing early intervention goals and objectives. We believe that the time and resources invested at an early age leads to less services in the future.

Our home-based program provides opportunities for children and parents to learn together in a comfortable setting that provides opportunities for learning by assisting a child to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally to their fullest potential.  Differing levels of ability are expected, appreciated, and used to design learning experiences.

To be eligible for early intervention services, a child must be under three years of age and found to have a delay in at least one developmental area.

Eligibility determination begins once a family is referred to the early intervention program.  A play-based assessment of the child will be conducted by the EI team which includes a service coordinator and service provider. They work with families in the child's home to develop a coordinated plan. It is a collaborative home and community based system in which parents and the EI team work together to establish routines and ongoing supports. EI services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

 A delay in at least one of these areas is necessary for enrollment. Participation in early intervention services is strictly voluntary, based on parental/guardian consent.

All children who receive early intervention services are also involved with Preble County's Help Me Grow program, the central intake and referral agency for infants and toddlers.

The Early Intervention Specialist can be contacted at (937) 456-5891.